Allocation of IP Addresses

> Any NSP that cannot allocate to you at least a /19 worth of networks
> (IF YOU CAN JUSTIFY IT) is not worth using for an ISP who thinks they
> need globally routable address space that they can advertise wherever
> they want sometime in the near future. If you aren't going to get to
> that point...what's the damn problem?

Except that if you give out /19s to newer ISPs with no allocation/use
track record, then the NIC may say "Sorry, you can't get more address
space, you haven't been efficiently using what you were given."


clarification...this is over opposed to an ISP who would
say "we can't give you any more...go to the NIC" Most larger ISP's
can even reserve a contiguous block for you...and just delegate
parts at a time...