Allocation of IP Addresses

by 'these guys' you mean the air force logistics command? the number you
looked up is an aut num, not the network. iana has these reserved, not air
force. or i've misinterpreted your question...

carbon:~ $ whois -h asn-jtels
Army Finance and Accounting Office (ASN-JTELS)
   "Fort Ben Harrison
   Indianapolis, IN 46249-1136 "

   Autonomous System Name: JTELS-BEN1-AS
   Autonomous System Number: 96

      Reilly, William (RR26) REILLY@INDPLS-ASAFM1.ARMY.MIL
      (COM) (317)543-7179 (DSN) 699-7179

   Record last updated on 10-Jan-91.

carbon:~ $ whois -h ASN-LOGNET
Air Force Logistics Command (ASN-LOGNET)
   Logistics Management Systems Center/SYU
   Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH 45433

   Autonomous System Name: LOGNET-AS
   Autonomous System Number: 65

      Anderson, Jerome (JRA18) [No mailbox]
      (513) 257-4499 (DSN) 787-4499

   Record last updated on 10-Jan-91.