Allocation of IP Addresses

bash$ whois 65
Air Force Logistics Command (ASN-LOGNET) LOGNET-AS 65
IANA (RESERVED-7) Reserved -

bash$ whois 96
Army Finance and Accounting Office (ASN-JTELS) JTELS-BEN1-AS 96
IANA (RESERVED-8) Reserved -

How did these guys get such big chunks of address space reserved?

I think someone is jumping to conculsions here. ASN-LOGNET is a reservered autonmus system
number, and IP blocks - are servered by IANA (Internet Assigned
Numbers Authority, which has delegate address space to Internet, APNIC, and RIPE).

The question of who has authority to assign golbally unique IP adddrress is a good one,
and the only historical directives would indicate, US DOD -> Internet Society -> IANA -> Internic
or some such.

The questions regarding allocation and assignment, should be addressed in other forums
and perhaps, the question should be asked of the users of the Internet,
are you unhappy with the current allocation methods/agencies, and what
action would be recommened to fix these problems, i.e. replace Internic, etc.

It only seems to demostraight that the current system works reasonably well for the
majority of users, that someone hasn't come up with a end user referendum to replace
the allocation agencies.