Alliance Meeting Announcement: Tuesday 5/28@**6:00**-Speakeasy Cafe (fwd)

I realize this announcement is probably only of interest only to ISP's and
NSP's who operate in the Puget Sound region of Washington state, however I
wanted to get the word out as widely as possible. Perhaps we could share
information and advice with those engaged in similar efforts elsewhere.

The topics that there has been interest in working together on are as

Regulatory and Tax issues with Cities, Counties, and the State (The city
of Tacoma, WA has recently told ISP's they have to pay the city Utility tax).

Dealing with local phone companies, competitive access providers, and the
Washington Utilities and Trasportation Commission.

Setting up regional traffic exchanges (The NIX, possibly a MAE like

Exchanging feeds of the pnw.*, wash.*, seattle.*, and tacoma.* newsgroups.

Possibly forming a State Trade Association.

For more information about the "Alliance" please contact:
Doug Tooley <>

Or subscribe to the mailing list at:

There are minutes of the organizational meeting available.

At the next meeting I will bring up setting up a web page for information
about the group and it's efforts.

Christopher E Stefan
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