All in favor or.....

All in favor of 9x5 network operations say aye.


-Jim P.



If all the complaining waits until Monday morning, why fix it over the weekend?

Matthew Kaufman

If people only looked at received headers......

-Jim P.

Well who really works 8 hours a day?

-Jim P.

A long time ago, in a place far, far away, the PTB determined that we should change from a three-team, three-8-hour shifts, 5 days a week ("days", "evenings", and "nights" (aka "graves" or "graveyard") for 7 x 24 coverage, to a four-team, 12 1/2 hour day 3 day week (and you know, I have forgotten how we covered the 7th day!).

For the 2nd-level managers like me, the reaction was "Wow! I will only have to work 12-18 hours three days a week!