Alexa adds Severe Weather Alerts (old news Feb 2020)

Ok, I know -- old news. But I missed it during the whole pandamic thing last year.

Since I previously criticized Amazon about this, and FCC is requesting comments about Internet Emergency Alerts this month, a correction.

I found out Amazon Alexa added Severe Weather Alerts last Febuary 2020.

Kudos to Amazon for doing this, despite the Amazon folks saying "no one else asks about alerts," everytime I asked about it. Apple Siri and Google Home, how are you doing alerts???

Now I have to change the Alexa example in my submission to the FCC :slight_smile:

Alexa's Monthly Roundup: February:
"Alexa can now proactively notify you when there’s severe weather. Simply say “Alexa, tell me when there’s a severe weather alert” and Alexa will notify you when there is a local severe weather warning."

FCC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and Notice of Inquiry about Emergency Alerts:

Page 25 of NPRM and NOI
A. Feasibility of EAS Participation for Internet-related services
"…complete an inquiry to examine the feasibility of updating the Emergency Alert System to enable or improve alerts to consumers provided through the internet, including through streaming services."