Alert to Phone/Pager System

I am looking for a hardware/software solution to a problem and I am
hoping someone has implemented something similar:

A monitoring system notices an error and sends an alert to a system (the
alert can be sent over POTS or SMTP). The system recevies the alert and
sends out a message (Pager/POTS/SMTP/SMS) to a group of people in a pager
rotation. The 1st person is paged, if no response is received the second
person is paged and so on down the line until someone responds.

I looked at the Dialogic's The Communicator:

But, it is a little pricey. I also looked at VOCP System:

But, the desision maker is a little skittish about open source projects.

Does anyone know of a happy medium between these two systems that will
fill the requirements outlined above?





Shon Elliott
Systems Engineer;
OptiGate Networks, Inc.

Allan Liska wrote:

Vytek makes a product called Telalert that works for us. Been around for
quite a while and runs on Linux.