Akamai Servers: Normal or Weird?

Is something funny happening with them lately or is it normal to see
45Mbps of UDP traffic between akamai servers (45Mps peak, average for
the past 24 hours is around 15Mbps. Prior to that it wasn't enough to
show up in our graphs). More information: Our akamai farm is the one
recieving all of the data - its coming into our various akamai hosts on
port 1455.

I've never looked at this traffic before so I don't know if this is
normal or not. I understand that the servers have to talk to each other
to distribute content but why UDP and why consume so much bandwidth?


Minor correction...

Up until around 10am today it was at an average of 2Mbps not 15Mbps. It
rose to 20Mbps by 11am, and then hit 45Mbps by 3:30. Its been dropping
since then (its at around 30Mbps now). Anyway, is the some sort of
normal behaviour for them?

Chris Rapier wrote:

Have you contacted Akamai about this?

                                        ---Rob (not speaking for employer)

Chris Rapier <rapier@psc.edu> writes:

Nope. I'm just finding this stuff out as the results of an experiment
that I'm running. I thought it was interesting. The director of the
production and research networks here isn't all that concerned as its
really not enough to impact our bandwidth at this point. (we're still
only running at around 70% capacity when it peaks). We also want to see
how long this continues and evaluate later. Also, the longer it runs,
the more data I get :slight_smile:

"Robert E. Seastrom" wrote:

Our Akimai's are doing a bit of traffic in the last 6 hours as well, the
overnight shift noticed and logged it. I've attached a mrtg graph that is
showing the whole thing (green to our farm, blue is from).


Our graph looks almost exactly like that. Not the same magnitude but the
same shape.
Same shape and if I was concious enough to work out the time difference
that might tell us more.

Dunno, the UDP traffic from server to server almost makes it seem like
something less than normal. TCP I could imagine but UDP? Maybe there was
some large streaming media event? heh. maybe they were distributing the
roskiled goth festival in norway... :slight_smile:

Simon Lyall wrote:

If they're paying you by the megabit, is anyone complaining? :slight_smile:


As I said, the shape out our traffic looked exactly the same. I'm really
just curious as to what happend at this point. I'm not in a position to
actually contact Akamai myself as I'm not associated witht eh production
network. Maybe our production manager will...

Here is the graphs from the 29th.

Simon Lyall wrote: