Akamai Contact

Hi, having trouble engaging with an Akamai contact in relation to the server stack we have here. Feel free to contact me.

Akamai Customer Care
- 877-425-2832

Akamai NOCC
- 877-625-2624
- 877-6-akamai (same as above)
- 617-444-3007
- nocc-shift@akamai.com
- (if you do anything that would affect our cluster, give them at least 3 hours notice and give them IP of cluster
- hardware issues and 24x7 contact: nocc-tix@akamai.com +1-877-6AKAMAI

Akamai Network Support
- traffic issues: netsupport-tix@akamai.com +1-888-421-1003


Replied offlist

Jared Mauch