Agis - Still Spam Central

From Harris-Marketing's Home page:

In our efforts to make commercial email a viable alternative to offline
advertising and more socially acceptable, we've taken pains to design and
implement our own system, which does not require that each advertiser
download and implement the removes on an individual basis, but is a
resident feature within the Savoynet servers that prevents the sending of
any email to your email address once it has been added to the filter...
Any and all UCE (unsolicited commercial email) will be routed through the
Harris Marketing Inc/ filtration system.

From Agis's AUP:

Customers may not send unsolicited bulk mail messages ("junk mail" or
"spam") to any person who does not wish to receive it. If a recipient asks
to stop receiving email the customer must not send that person any further

From Agis's AUP Action Page:

Harris Marketing aka Savoynet - 11/11/97 - Warning

Also, 'Investigation numbers': ST-1007, ST-1011, ST-1014, ST-1015, ST-1016,
and ST-1021 are all on this one customer of Agis.

So my question is, what does it take for Agis to Implement it's AUP? It
seems to me that the AUP was more of a PR move rather than an actual
policy, and the proof of that is on Agis's on web site.

Reid Fishler
Lightning Internet Services, LLC