AGIS Signing up New Spammers

Does this statement have anything to do with your recent crucifiction on the
cover of Boardwatch (Nov 1997)? :slight_smile:


Apparently Hank didn't read the article.

It _doesn't_ crucify Lawlor, it praises him.

And damn Rickard... his reasoning is _right_, again.

I _hate_ it when he does that.

-- jra

Except, of course, that he still sees spam as a speech issue,
  as opposed to a theft-of-services issue.

  But this isn't the right place to discuss that.

Phil Lawlor writes:

This is completely incorrect. AGIS' AUP can be found at


are vigorously enforcing our AUP. AGIS will not sell connectivity to


businesses, and have not for some time. We investigate all complaints
about AGIS' customers that are sent to Spammers have


terminated, and will continue to be as long as I run this company.

So this evenings trace, which timed out, to a ubiquitous spam host
'' does
NOT feed through Oh, is under investigation. Oh,
well. I guess
more 'evidence' needs to be gathered... How long do these
'investigations' last, pray tell?
Uh - huh...