AGIS Route Flaps Interrupting its Peering?

So, Mark, you're saying that your routers did not have a problem?

  If your routers did have a problem, did it affect other providers?

  If it did affect other providers, were you available to resolve
  the problems in a timely manner?

] Gordon Cook asks of an inappropriate audience:

  I'm not certain it's innapropriate. If someone's trying to play
  with us, and causing us problems, then I would like to know about

] >> does anyone know what happened?
] The Digex report is seriously flawed. Ed Kern of Digex has told us
] that he is looking into how the conclusions in that report were reached.

  How is the report flawed?

] However, I'm sure that Kern didn't think that he would have to share
] his findings with nanog, inet-access, and agislist...

  Could you share your findings? If there was a problem, I think
  we'd all prefer an explanation rather than a finger shaking for
  having interest.