I have been thinking about a couple of issues regarding the
CIX Inter-exchange, and your comments would be appreciated:

(1) CIX is an association of ISPs. The CIX Inter-exchange puts
    CIX in direct competition with its members (ISPs) for
    customers. Is there a contradiction here?

(2) The CIX Inter-exchange has been used by some to bypass
    peering policies. I am wondering if the CIX Inter-exchange
    remains a viable option in the peering policy review.

(3) Today there are quite a few inter-exchanges in the Bay Area
    that are superior (in terms of tech. and richness in connectivity)
    than the CIX Interexchange. Is it fair to say that the
    CIX Inter-exchange has fulfilled its historical mission and
    is no longer needed?

-- Enke

Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 19:31:13 -0800
From: Paul A Vixie <>

> > [...] Since Digex is at too few NAPs to peer with AGIS, and they
> > are not at the CIX, we see no routes from them.

CIX is taking new connections, either T1, PB-SMDS, or DEC-PAIX (FDDI or Ether


The CIX router is an very important member benefit and the members have
consistantly voted to keep it, even though the board has tried to phase
it out a couple of times.

Best Regards,
Robert Laughlin

(who is running for the empty CIX board position, btw)