This is all very interesting information. It seems at-home recently did
the same thing with us, as they stopped all transit and were not on CIX,
basically forcing us to peer with them. Is this the route to get peering
with the big players that will now evolve? Forced peering due to


*shrug* If the disconnected network is not interesting enough, why would you
give in? For example, if my home network ( showed up at N
exchange points, and stopped having a transit link, would you peer with me?

This is all going back to Geoff Huston's animals running across each other in
the middle of the night thing.


Ya, we have the same problem, we will be at 7 NAPs by the end of the
month, and DIGEX does not meet our peering requirements. If I don't peer
with DIGEX then our customers yell at us when it is a DIGEX problem.

What we could do is all cut peering say the first of the year and then
DIGEX would need to buy transit or connect to more NAPs.

Nathan Stratton CEO, NetRail, Inc. Tracking the future today!

Yes, but the problem is that customer don't understand and you will get
some that will yell.

Nathan Stratton CEO, NetRail, Inc. Tracking the future today!

Just curious, but what are your peering requirements? It sounds like UUNET
doesn't meet either your or AGIS's peering requirements, given that they are
only at MAE {E & W} and Sprint NAP. (I don't believe they are peering with
anyone at MAE Houston other than Sesquinet..)

I assume you'll turn off DIGEX peering and UUNET peering at the same time? I
wonder when AGIS is turning off their UUNET peering....