Aggregation for IPv4-compatible IPv6 address space

Hi all:

With IPv4-compatible IPv6 address space, could I aggregate the address space?

say become ::192.168/112? or It must be converted to native IPv6 address space?

Just wondering,

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in the most recent architecture, rfc 4291, that was deprecated. The exact statement is IPv4-Compatible IPv6 Address

    The "IPv4-Compatible IPv6 address" was defined to assist in the IPv6
    transition. The format of the "IPv4-Compatible IPv6 address" is as

You mean do you have to express it in hex? The original spec allowed both
ways I believe... but just so you realize, this has been deprecated.
Mostly 'cause people can't subnet. :slight_smile:


There are two related things here: (a) the ability to represent a 32-bit word in an IPv6 address in the form of a dotted-quad, and (b) the legitimacy of an IPv6 address of the form ::A.B.C.D, where A.B.C.D is an IPv4 address.

(a) is a question about the presentation of IPv6 addresses. (b) is a question about the construction of IPv6 addresses to be used in packet headers.

I believe (a) is still allowed. However, (b) is not allowed. Since (b) is not allowed, (a) is arguably not very useful.