Agenda topics for NANOG 37 - San Jose - June 4-7

Here's the current list of confirmed agenda items for NANOG 37,
coming up June 4-7 in San Jose, CA:

Sunday, June 4:
     Newcomer Orientation and Reception, 3:30 - 5:00 p.m.
     Steering Committee Community Meeting, 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

General Session: Mornings, June 5-7
     Managing 100+ Million IP Addresses Alain Durand, Comcast

     Authentication for TCP-based Routing and Management Protocols
                                           Ron Bonica, Juniper

     Anatomy of Recent DNS Reflector Attacks From the Victim and
     Reflector Points of Views Frank Scalzo, Versisign

     Panel: Network Neutrality—What Does It Mean To Operators?
                                           Dan Golding, Tier1 Research, moderator

     Understanding the Network-Level Behavior of Spammers
                                          Anirudh Ramachandran and Nick Feamster,
                                          Georgia Institute of Technology

     Research Forum:
         Pretty Good BGP and the Internet Alert Registry
                                          Josh Karlin, University of New Mexico

         Active Measurement of the AS Path Prepending Method
                                          Samantha Lo and Rocky K. C. Chang,
                                          Hong Kong Polytechnic University

         Efficient Internet Routing with Independent ISPs
                                          Ratul Mahajan, David Wetherall,
                                          and Thomas Anderson,
                                          University of Washington/Microsoft Research
     Lightning Talks - short talks of immediate interest, sellected on-site

Tutorials and BOFs: Afternoons, June 5-6
     Disaster Recovery for Customers: Physician, Heal Thyself
     Level: Introductory/Intermediate Howard Berkowitz

     MPLS Traffic Engineering
     Level: Introductory/Intermediate Pete Templin, TexLink

     Fundamentals of Passive Monitoring Access
     Level: Introductory/Intermediate Joy Weber, Net Optics

     BGP Techniques for Service Providers
     Level: Introductory/Intermediate Philip Smith, Cisco

     Exchange Operators BOF Moderators: Celeste Anderson, USC, and Joe Abley, ISC

     BGP Tools BOF Moderators: Dan Massey, Colorado State University
                                     Nick Feamster, Georgia Institute of Technology
                                     and Lixia Zhang

     OPSEC Working Group BOF Moderator: Ross Callon, Juniper

     Peering BOF XII Moderator: William B. Norton, Equinix

     PGP Key Signing Moderator: Joe Abley, ISC

More topics will be announced late this week.

Please note that the early registration discount period ends this coming
Sunday, May 14, and the discount hotel room block ends on Monday, May 22.

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reservations are available at

     For the Program Committee,
     Steve Feldman, chair