Agenda suggestions?

Thanks for bringing this up (agneda topics).

}-- Security problems operators can fix
} [or, how to let your customers be used to break into
} interesting places]
} (route announcement filtering vs. routing attacks
} outbound packet filters on CPE routers vs. spoofing
} attacks like the ones CERT announced recently)
   }This could go fairly quickly.

Is there anyone who will volunteer to lead this discussion?

} -- Routing flaps considered harmful

Is there a volunteer to lead this topic?

2) technical presentation on what is a route server

Yakov Rekhter has volunteered to give a technical presentation
on the RA's Route Server implementation.

} Is this going to be from an RA/RS perspective? If
} so, some talk about converting extremely complicated
} policy now embedded in border Ciscos to something
} that can be put into the RA/RSes would be neato.
} (Also what that policy ought to be in very broad
} terms ("NAP/MAE technical etiquette") might be
} useful as a short side-line talk.)

I have a candidate in mind for addressing this - let me check.

} [or, Peter Lothberg politely questions the current
} implementation's utility]

Peter has not volunteered to make a presentation. There is
room on the agenda for a presentation on the utility of
the route server concept or implementation (RA since
noone has volunteered infor on another implmentation).

} 5) end-to-end problem resolution - is it possible?

I have approached two candidates to lead this discussion -
neither have confirmed yet.

Other agenda topics are welcome...we should be distributing
an agenda sometime this weekend.