Agenda suggestions?

There are a couple of other things that might bear
discussion based on some recent public revelations
of not-so-new information.

-- Security problems operators can fix
  [or, how to let your customers be used to break into
  interesting places]
  (route announcement filtering vs. routing attacks
  outbound packet filters on CPE routers vs. spoofing
  attacks like the ones CERT announced recently)
    This could go fairly quickly.

-- Routing flaps considered harmful
  [or, how to kill half the Internet with one rapidly-
  oscillating circuit]
  (many routers are having problems CPU-wise processing
  the number of route-flaps seen these days. BGP to
  single-homed internets exacerbates this; so does
  any type of unnecessary dynamic routing. On Ciscos,
  leaving seriously-flapping links up and running when
  they can affect worldwide NLRI is bad news.
  Aggregation helps.)

2) technical presentation on what is a route server

  Is this going to be from an RA/RS perspective? If
  so, some talk about converting extremely complicated
  policy now embedded in border Ciscos to something
  that can be put into the RA/RSes would be neato.
  (Also what that policy ought to be in very broad
  terms ("NAP/MAE technical etiquette") might be
  useful as a short side-line talk.)

  [or, Peter Lothberg politely questions the current
  implementation's utility]

5) end-to-end problem resolution - is it possible?

  Can we make this last? I suspect that this
  could get quite angry if we're not careful... :frowning:

  [or, "it's been three hours since we sent email
  and we haven't gotten a response from you. this is
  a recording." vs. "it's your fault, fix it." vs. ""

  or, some really good ideas that organizations of all
  sorts have for customer support in the face of
  problems that can't be fixed or even diagnosed
  or, Miss Manners's guide to excruciatingly correct
  inter-carrier relations (aka, the "NOC etiquette

  or, "No sales talks, please, we're operators". :)]

7) ATM testbed results

  Can we put this immediately before lunch?
  Trust me. :slight_smile:

  [or, "Curtis says, "ATM is *amazing*" followed
  by murmurs of agreement. Politics at eleven."]

I might think of a few other things if we have too few agenda.