Agenda for the Interprovider Ops BOF at NANOG12

Here's the final agenda for the Interprovider Operations BOF at NANOG 12.
It will be held in the main room at 9PM on Monday night. Hope to see you
all there.

                   Interprovider Operations BOF - NANOG 12


I. Introduction (Jake Khuon)
  A. Participant's List and Survey Form
  B. Notetaking Volunteer
  C. Agenda Bashing
  D. Unfinished Business
    NANOG OPS WG discussion (Jake Khuon)
      Do we need one?
      Publications series?

II. Network-Based Denial Of Service Attacks Trends, Descriptions, and How
     to Protect Your Network (Craig Huegen)

III. Specifying and Supporting a Layer-3 MLPA In the Internet Routing
     Registry (Jake Khuon)

IV. PAIR Update and Other Fun Stuff (Abha Ahuja)

V. Operational Issues for NAP Customers (Mark Cnota)

VI. Other Discussions (open)