Agenda for next NANOG

> Looking at it strictly from a technical level, there is little difference
> between a private interconnect and the connection between an ISP and their
> upstream provider if they have one. (we might consider debating this
> assumption especially in terms of scale :-))

  Actually, the traditional point2point link between any
  two ISPs is a private interconnect. It does not have to
  be a provider/subscriber relationship.


Except for what one does to/with the routes learned via the BGP session
involved in such an interconnect... With a "private interconnect" between
"peers" one does not redistribute routes heard from one peer to another;
with a "upstream" - "downstream" relationship, one does redistribute routes
hears from one peer to another, thus giving the "downstream" transit to
those other peers.

I'm clarifying for others; I know you understand the difference :slight_smile: