Agenda for next NANOG

> This is an interesting problem and actually close to solvable at the
> IP level. I'm sure you are familiar with PPP LQM. Take out the PPP
> part and keep the LQM packet format and local storage. Keep one LQM
> struct per ARP entry on a bcast or nbma interface (such as an ATM
> NAP). Count packets used by each ARP entry and update SNMP and the
> LQM entry as you would in PPP LQM. Occasionally (once a second is
> fine) send an LQM packet summarizing what has been sent.

This is a very good idea. You might want to hand it over
to your vendor before I hand it over to mine. :slight_smile:

Hey, now. Curtis has been saying this for at least a few years.
Clearly people haven't been paying attention!

(but don't let that stop you from knocking any particular vendor about it).