Agenda for next NANOG - interest in domain names?

Is there any interest in a presentation explaining:
- the latest changes in NSI's flawed domain name trademark policy,
- the never-ending risk of loss of a domain name (with only 30 days'
warning) that any domain name owner faces even if they aren't infringing
anybody's trademarks,
- the very few steps that a domain name owner can take to reduce the risk of
loss of a domain name.

Personally, I suspect the FNCAC is the more appropriate forum for public
complaints about NSI's activities under their cooperative aggreement. The
FNCAC usually meets sometime around October too. Policy and Politics are
their specialty.

*BUT* since NSI has made presentations at NANOG about their domain dispute
policy in the past, I suppose its only fair to hear from the loyal opposition.

I am unaware of whether NSI is on the agenda for the October NANOG meeting.
But if it is, then I do urge those who would attend NSI's presentation to
seek out the domain name owner's point of view as well. NSI's position is
essentially adversarial to that of the domain name owners, a point that NSI
doesn't disclose in its presentations.

I would ask any such presentation be time-limited, the audience agrees to
sit quietly in their seats, and scheduled as the last thing in the day, so
the rest of us can adjourn to the bar early.

Ideally the NSI and domain-name-owner-side presentations would be
back-to-back. End of the day is fine with me.

Carl Oppedahl