advisory attribute in IRR


  While they don't inherently do anything terribly nifty, they do maintain
  stateful legacy information for some folks. ( Especially folks who
  were around when AS690 ruled the world :slight_smile:

  Some folks have built their scripted route filter list generation
  off of the information listed in the advisory field.

  Maybe those people should do it in another way, but the advisory
  field is actively used be some.

   chief harbinger of advisory scripts

......... Curtis Villamizar is rumored to have said:
] In message <>, Marc Sle
] mko writes:
] > Can anyone give me a pointer to information on what the advisory attribute
] > in the IRR does and who pays any attention to that attribute?
] >
] > Thanks.
] They do nothing and no one pays attention to them. They used to do
] something for about 5 months but everone hated them.
] Curtis
] ps- blame Merit. :slight_smile: