Advice on dealing with Sprint

When i was at Sprint it was customary to ask customers to
provide some assurance that routing information Sprint takes
from them is going to stay sane. That was usually achieved
by asking customers to send in their border configurations for
review by SL engineering, and some formal criteria (like "no
unfiltered IGP to BGP redistribution") was applied and said
configuration had problems worked out before the actual peering
was enabled.

Anyway, that automatically made every customer with BGP to go
down SCA (Special Customer Arrangement) route. I think sales
didn't like that, for whatever reason, and i saw several attempts
to make BGP peering a regular sale during my tenure there.
I guess they succeded after coming with some "guidelines", but
without any understanding of the issues involved.

Somehow i became a big fan of Dilbert back then.


Somehow i became a big fan of Dilbert back then.

Dilbert used to make me laugh; now it just makes me bitter.