Advice on dealing with Sprint

> I spoke to a sprint salesperson about 2 weeks ago and was told that I
> could not get any kind of BGP4 peering with Sprint unless I had a
> Cisco 7000 series router.

As Hank commented eqarlier, I think you've got a salesperson feeding
misinformation. I've personally configured and successfully had a full BGP
routing session between a cisco 7000 and a Bay Networks router. Would you
care for numbered or unnumbered BGP4 with that?

As a reference point, this restriction is also in their customer
handbook (dated October 1995, the latest one I could find) available
on their web page. If it's just a salesperson feeding misinformation,
it's probably also being fed to the salespeople and the customers via
the handbook.


2.4.2 Customer Provided Routers

Customers may provide their own SprintLink router only if the router:

   * is a Cisco router running Cisco revision level 10.2 or greater

   * has at least 4MB flash memory for customers with static routing, or 8MB
     flash memory for customers with dynamic routing

   * is configured, maintained, and managed by the customer

Customer provided routers can be single-homed or multi-homed. Single-homed
customers have one path to the Internet from a single customer IP address.
Multi-homed customers have multiple paths to the Internet from a single
customer IP address. Multi-homed customer routers must also meet the
following requirements:

   * are Cisco 7000 or 7010 models

   * run BGP-4

When providing the router, the customer will also be responsible for
furnishing the necessary ancillary equipment (cables, routing software,
etc.) to insure interoperability with the SprintLink network router. Sprint
is not obligated to accept trouble calls related to the customer provided
router. In the event a customer requests assistance from Sprint to correct a
trouble relating to the customer provided router, Sprint will inform the
customer that a "dispatch charge" will be applied to the customer's next
bill for the services provided by the Sprint CPE Technician.

--end quote--


It goes on to say that they are in the process of certifying other
routers. It's been a year: perhaps the online handbook and the
salespeople should be updated..