Advice on dealing with Sprint

I tend to agree. That's how we operate our business. We resell Bay
Networks equipment to downstream customers. They are free to use whatever
equipment they want, but official support is only provided for Bay routers
which the customer buys from us. I say official because I have been known
to fix a Cisco for a customer too. Most of their configurations are
fairly simple - PPP and static routing. I would never expect Sprint, MCI,
or whoever to support my router or diagnose problems with it. We have two
people on staff to do that, and also pay a large chunk of money to Bay
every year for a 24 hour support contract. I can understand Sprint's point
of view, but they can easily just say "We absolutely 100% will not help you
with configuration problems unless you use our equipment." That's perfectly
acceptable to me. Sounds like that is in fact their official policy, but
they have some internal communications problems.