Advice on dealing with Sprint

Perry E. Metzger writes:
>Not, you understand, that I think the global routing table should be
>kept in control, but I find it to be extraordinarily annoying that in
>a world where cheap PCs have been able to take 128meg on their
>motherboards for years (indeed, many can take far more!) and in which
>workstations frequently have 64M of memory in them, there are routers
>(many still sold!) which lack the slots to take more than 32M of

Cisco has been repeatedly abused for this. They have learned, a bit,
over the years. The non-M 45xx/47xx boxes are I think no longer being
sold, and the "M" replacements are upgradeable to 64MB.

(of course, I suspect you'll never be able to get more than 64 MB of
memory for a 7000. Someday they will get abused for that, too.)

I believe the official line here will probably be that by
the time you need 128 MB in your 7000, you also need to install the
RSP7000 upgrade, which allows the additional memory.

Mark Borchers
InfiNet Network Engineering
NOC: (757) 624-2295 ext. 3007