Advice on dealing with Sprint

> I spoke to a sprint salesperson about 2 weeks ago and was told that I
> could not get any kind of BGP4 peering with Sprint unless I had a
> Cisco 7000 series router.

This is my experience also, althought I was able to get my sales
weasel to say that they might except a 45xx series if it had
sufficient memory, as some "exceptions" had been granted on a "case
by case" basis.

As a reseller of IP services they will not manage my router for me,
but said I still had to have a Cisco(tm) router, even if I'm not
peering BGP.

Jay Stewart

I won't say there's "no way they can know", but basically they really
shouldn't. If you disable incoming telnet to your Bay box and tell
them it's a cisco with "cdp disabled", they shouldn't be able to
tell the difference.

Of course, you'd best know how the hell to configure the bay box
if you want to go this route.


Someone is on drugs..

We BGP peered with ANS and Sprint via a Cisco 4500 with only 8mb RAM. The
trick was the utilization of the Cisco "AS Prepend" feature were we routed
distinct Sprint <-> Sprint traffic over the fractional DS-1 they provided,
the rest of the traffic over a more local, and less expensive
DS-1 connection to ANS. Later as Sprint advertised more routes we bumped
the 4500 to 16mb.

Patrick J. Chicas