Advice on dealing with Sprint (fwd)

Hi Nathan,

> We do this frequently and with a 2501 or a 2514. It must be a Cisco router
> and sometimes will need more memory. There is NO additional charge for those

Yes, it will work on 25xx, but when you have a peer drop it will kill your
2501 big time. The CPU on the 25xx is used to forward packets and do the
BGP4. If you want to try it with 25xx it will work, but I would go with a
4xxx router.

  I would have to say my experience is different for cpe stub
  routers for customers that don't need full tables.

  There is no question that at least a 4xxx should be used for any
  sizable bgp mesh. However, I used 2500 routers for limited BGP
  peers at the periphery of my network with no problems whatsoever. I
  just fed my IGP routes to the 2500 via iBGP, peer w/ the transit AS
  and take just ^ASNUMBER$ from them. Worked well, no reliability
  problems, no cpu problems. Obviously this only works if the
  customer doesn't need full tables.

  If we were talking about meshing full tables, or multiple peers,
  then I'd very much suggest using a 4xxx or 7xxx.


We were talking about full tables, if you are not using full views then
sure 2501 will work fine (well as of 9/28/96).

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