I’m curious how many networks have this as part of their default configuration?

If you’re bored on a weekend please click through to this and say yes/no. I’ll summarize in a week or so. If I configured the form right, it should also show you the results as well.

- Jared

I’ve closed the form for responses.

There were 102 people who self-selected to participate.

Around 25% of you have this configured as a default in your network.

At 20940 we are asking our networking partners to configure this facing us such that we can receive the routes from some of the stub networks we operate.

I was also told there’s some interesting behavior in IOS-XR, if a peer is in the same peer-group and based on the order of the peers coming up, the behavior may be different where routes may be suppressed.

You may also want to read up on the "send-transit-peer” command for your network.

Thanks for responding, and if you have a BGP peer with 20940 please set advertise-peer-as or similar. It may help keep more traffic on direct links as a result.

- jared