[admin] Errors to NANOG list subscribers take II

Dear Colleagues:

As you know, we are all seeing a single mailer message show up in our
mailboxes at ~0330/est on a daily basis. We are aware that this is

The issue is being actively worked on by the admin team at Merit and a
resolution is forthcoming. Since the message happens once a day, it's
understandably difficult to make a best effort determination that a
fix will take hold. There isn't a test or dev system to try out

This problem has been assigned a reasonable priority by the folks at
Merit and we hope to see it fixed soon. Thanks to all who have let us
know about this.

Best Regards,

Martin Hannigan

Given the serious impact this is having on operations, does this have a
master ticket number or escalation id of some type? Has the vendor been
involved yet? When can we expect to see a post mortem/RFO?

- billn

Try not to get overly ridiculous here. The updates are to keep people
informed that everyone on the back end cares.


For those scoring on technique or style, I call that one 'Shooting the
Moon'. =)

- billn

Bill Nash wrote:

So where's the ticket then?

It's perfectly reasonable to expect some sort of detail since our
attendance fees help fund the operation of the list. There's an issue
with the complexity of the delivery system that has developed over
time and some new anti-spam appliances that have been implemented.
It's causing some difficulties in resolving the issue and it's being
worked on.

We tend not to get bogged down in the technical minutia with the Merit
admin team since we have day jobs, they get paid to do this work, and
too many cooks in the kitchen are usually not helpful and the Merit
folks are as competent (or more in some cases) as any of us.

We'll keep you posted and do a post mortem.

Best Regards,

Martin Hannigan