Adios to NSI?


After a recent near-death (well, near-career-limiting anyway) experience
with NSI over a simple DNS server update to an existing registered domain,
the thought occurs to me: Perhaps I should just switch ALL of my domains
over to another Registrar as they get near their renewal dates. THAT way
I'll never have to power-dial (703) 742-4777 for hours on end ever again!

We don't do enough domain add/change/delete traffic to qualify for an
assigned rep (not from NSI anyuway), but we do have a couple of dozen
active registrations.

So the question is, are any of the newer "alternative" registrars
substantially better? NSI appears to be run by former Cable TV Customer
Service types. Who can say whether or not some of them have snuck off to
work for the newer Registrars and are therefore lowering the cluefulness
level at their new places of employment?


Seriously, I'm looking for comments on the operational reliability of and similar. We don't have any particularly quirky
expectations. It'd just be nice to be able to get the Registrar on the
phone if necessary.

Also, has anyone other than Ehud actually tried to "transfer" an active
domain between Registrars? His recent post made it sounds like the process
is fraught with pitfalls.

I'll summarize any private reponses I receive for the list.