Address Reclaimation

> Send the following form to &,
> changing the $NET_PREFIX to the network being returned.

(yes, the below is a different situation than the original poster)

And what exactly do you do if you have a small block (eg. /22) that you
have zero use for anymore and want to get rid of but it is not allocated
directly from the InterNIC but rather out of another provider's block (a
/16 in this case)?

As one of the grim-reapers of address space I'd like to point out a change
that should get placed into Phils RFC and an offer to the nanog community. is likely to be moot real soon now and
Kims response that this should change to is
a viable replacement is almost ok. However I'd point out that
under the terms of the InterNic award, they were the NIC of first and
last resort. I don't beleive this is the case with ARIN.

Two, and perhaps of interest to members of this list,
I'm collecting prefixes again for reclaimation. I've done the traditional
/8 space twice and once. Now I'm willing to
track any/all prefixes that you beleive should be returned.
I've already got a list of traditional /16s that folks think should
be returned and some /24s as well. I'll even do this for
small blocks as well.