Address "portability"


> What is the general consensus of this group regarding the "portability" of
> addresses in the 204/8 and 205/8 range?

Portable addresses is an illusion, as it does no scale.

Give me a call when you convinced the phone_company to make my
phone number work in California.

Maybe this is considered poorman's portability, but:
When I take my GSM-phone to Hong Kong (or to Stockholm) my grandmother
is still able to give me a call while I am there on the same number as
when I am at home... Address portability at work...

Not really, your phone doesn't have a routable number as such. It
has a name which happens to be a number; and it can be reached
outside its natural habitat after 30-90 seconds of searching,
probing, and call setup. The Internet already handles name
portability, even much better than the phone system. And there's no
end to what could be done if dial-up users were charged two dollars
per minute for out-of-habitat traffic, whether voice or 9.6kbit data.