Address allocation stats

I couldn't help but notice how much address space BBN has:

>4 Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. (SATNET)
>8 Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. (BBNCCNET), listed as "temp" since 1992
>46 Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. (NET-BBNNET)

It would be nice if they (BBN-Planet) would renumber into a much smaller
block. As one of their customers who renumbered to get a larger block, I
find it hypocritical that they are asking their customers to renumber when
they have not done it themselves.


They are much improved. When address reclaimation was started over this space,
BBN had eight (8) blocks. And there are efforts in progress to recover
more of this space. You will note that none of these blocks are for BBN-Planet
but for BBN internal and BBN contracts for US Military nets. However, this
is not the real problem.

The largest concern is the so-called toxic-waste-dump of the range.
This is due to the fact that the critical path component is not address space
but routing table entries. Efforts to get people to reduce the number of entries in the global routing space will provide the most "bang
for the buck" until (with a nod to Noels excellent arguments) better routers
are on the market.

So lets not pick on BBN while the real problem is chomping on our respective