Actual IPv6 test day issue

So I found out I had an actual end-user issue related to IPv6 test day.
My mother couldn't get to our webmail with her B&N Nook Color (based on
Android 2.3). I went over and couldn't connect with my T-Mobile G2
(Android 2.2) either. Their connection is via DSL and does not have
IPv6 configured, but they do have a D-Link DIR-825 wireless router (just
running as a wireless bridge with DHCP disabled). The DIR-825 was
running an older code, 2.02NA, which was "IPv6 ready"; it had router
advertisements enabled (there was no config option to disable them).

The problem was that while HTTP would work on Android, HTTPS would not
(you'd just get the standard "page not available" error). It appears
that there is a bug in Android that keeps it from falling back to IPv4
for HTTPS connections. I don't know if that's somebody's idea of an
extra level of "security" or what.

I upgraded the DIR-825 to 2.05NA, which doesn't have RA always enabled,
and everything works now (on IPv4 only).

I haven't had a chance to set up a more detailed test; I just figured
I'd throw it out there to see if anybody else saw such.