Act Surprised.....

Oh goodie - now maybe my BUY order for 50,000 shares at $0.01 will
execute. :->

I *am* surprised. How does a company file BK on a Sunday?


Although most people aren't aware of it, *technically*, the Courts are a 24x7
operation. Of course, if you are just another Joe, I wouldn't count on
getting that level of service (just because YOU paid for it!)...

The better to not have to pay the bills on monday...

An easy way to spot a chpt11 filing-to-be is to watch for mysterious
changes in payroll which result in regular employees being paid a day or
more in advance of normal. WCOM(soon to be Q.OB)'s prepay made it to
f***** company, I called sunday when that happened and I was right. :slight_smile:

When GBLX filed they paid regular employees early and claimed it was a
"bank change", but what they actually did was file a day before severence
checks for the month were to be paid to all the people they had already
laid off. That money has still not been paid, and probably never will.

But now back to something operational... Does a betting pool on chpt11
dates count as operational? :slight_smile:

They go to the Judge in Chambers and avoid upsetting the market in the
middle of the day.

Easy and quite common. How else do you get a search warrant in the middle
of the night, you just page the on-call Judge.

So to go on topic which bits of the non-US network are owned by the US
corporation and subject to disruption?