Academic Computer Security Conference


    -- Academic faculty, staff, and students who
       would like to present their latest IT
       security research.

    -- Industry experts who would like to influence
       what is taught in undergraduate and graduate
       computer security curricula.

    -- Industry experts who can update academia on
       the current state of real-world IT security.

    -- Computer, Security, and Privacy Law experts
       who can explain to academia the legal
       aspects of computer security.

    -- Industry and Government experts who would
       like to influence the direction of IT
       security research.

    -- Anyone interested in the teaching of IT
       security, or IT security in the academic

    Second Annual Computer Security Conference
    April 16 - 18, 2008 at Myrtle Beach, SC
       The web site is currently being updated
    to reflect the addition of a 3rd day (Wed)
    to the conference. April 16 will be dedicated
    to secure computing.

Topics include, but are not limited to:
    -- Secure and Trusted Computing
    -- Security and Risk Management
    -- Metrics and Benchmarking
    -- Identity Management and Theft
    -- Egovernment, Ecommerce and Ebanking Security
    -- Application Security
    -- AOP and Security
    -- Privacy Issues
    -- Security Policies
    -- Mobile Computing
    -- Legislation and Compliance
    -- Alignment of Business and IT Security Efforts
    -- Emerging Threats and Technology Trends
    -- Computer and Communications Law

    Dr. John Stamey
    Coastal Carolina University

Jon Kibler