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Back in the mid 90th, it has become a fact that Israel was one of the
main focal points of Internet abuse in the world, and reaching abuse
contacts was very difficult.

Today, we no longer hold that title. Also, some of the ISP's in Israel
are now very responsive to abuse, it is not true with most others.
Still, a lot of abuse originates from Israeli net space and finding
working abuse contacts in meat space remains difficult.

We at CERT.gov.il are responsible for the Government's net space [AS8867
/ gov.il] and are available to help with any problems originating from
our networks if such exist.
We are also aiming to help clue up Israeli ISP's in general to Internet
abuse, but for now, if anyone has abuse and security issues that need
resolving, and yet find it difficult to find who to contact and/or get
response/action, feel free to ping me personally here at CERT.gov.il. We
will do our best to connect you with the right people, and follow up.

Aside to that, I am pleased to announce IL-ops. An active Israeli
network operators group that discusses mainly security and spam issues
between Israeli ISP's.

We here in Israel are making an effort - let us help you.