Abuse.cc ???

Jacks right on the money there. Traffic being generated and directed
to my network uses bandwidth, something I/my company pays for.
Since its a cost I am tasked to prove/disprove its benefit, so.
Perhaps if one isn't probing and/or reporting utilization trends and usage
this would not be so much an issue, but on my networks it is. If I were to take the
stance of "oh but its not hurting anything" you bet most of my IPOPs would
look like ripe pickings for the masses of kiddie scripters/hackers.
Its part of the job to police and keep clean the networks I'm responsible
for. As well I do the inverse, if I get a complaint about some activity from
within one of my netblocks I do my best to follow up on it and see its not some
new "feature" of M$ or a fat fingered configuration somewhere. I actually welcome
the complaint as it may bring to my attention something/one that is gone wrong.
Granted I'm not about to nit pick a few packets type in error by some poor sap on AOL, but in this case over 400 would enlighten a response to you/your provider.
Perhap this is "old school" thinking but in my model of networks its a proven and
working theory.

Well just my 2�s.

/* "Well if all the bits are 1's then we charge more"
"Why is that?"
"Larger audience" */