AADS outage

Joseph Klein writes:
}The AADS outage started (for some) about 23:30 GMT and ended about
}02:45 GMT.

For us, it started at 2140Z, and as you indicate, everything came back
up around 0245Z. I still have one BGP session down, though...

... and as I typed that, I got a call from AADS. Everything looked
clean through the NAP, so odds are that this last remaining problem
is on the other provider's end.

} Did the outage at AADS have a major impact on the other
}meet points? I know we dumped a bunch of traffic on MAE-East
}and MAE-West.

The graphs from the AADS Web page (http://nap.aads.net/~nap-stat)
show that the switch tends to average about 100Mbps aggregate load
over hourly sampling intervals, if that gives you any insight.