A transAtlantic cable was severed.

Unnamed Administration sources reported that Henry Linneweh said:

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According to this bbc article in Sci/Tech and Janet took a dump for 24
as A direct result.

There's an obvious problem. How could they locate both ends,
lift same, splice, and seal the cable in 24 hours?

I don't think they did. I think they just were able to move the data onto
other routes in 24 hours. If they did splice the cable in 24 hours, I
would like to see the video of that one. :slight_smile:

Specially trained sea monkeys?

Nahhh....the squid documentation hasn't kept up with its new capabilities:
"We're not just a web cache any more." Splicing goes faster with ten

Read: Underwater NOC Techs... :slight_smile: