A third lawsuit against NSI by a domain name owner to save its domain name

NSI has stated that its July 1995 domain name policy was designed to avoid
getting sued. It is thus of interest to see a third case in which NSI wrote
to a domain name owner saying that their domain name would get cut off in 30
days, and in which the domain name owner says it wasn't infringing anybody's
trademarks (which is of course no defense under the present NSI policy), and
finds itself with no choice but to sue NSI to avert loss of the domain name.

First lawsuit - Roadrunner v. NSI
background at: http://www.patents.com/nsi.sht
complaint at: http://www.patents.com/nsicpt1.sht

Second lawsuit - DCI v. DCI and NSI
background at: http://www.patents.com/dci/dci.sht
complaint at: http://infolawalert.com/source/src061496_dc_complaint.html

Third lawsuit - Giacalone v. NSI et al.
complaint at: http://zeus.bna.com/e-law/cases/giac.html