A (Tech) Road Less Traveled, New 2023 Election System + Sponsor Hackathon

A (Tech) Road Less Traveled
Cohen Shares How a Passion for Travel Led to a Career in Tech

As a 20-something U.S. citizen playing pro tennis in Europe during the late 1980s, a career in tech was not what Cohen envisioned for his future.

Married and father of two, Principal Program Manager for Microsoft, Peter Cohen said he has been in the “convincing business” side of the Internet industry for more than two decades. However, a passion for travel and culture has steered his non-linear career.


Introducing the New 2023 Election System!
NANOG Transitions to Ranked Choice Voting

To encourage more membership voting and provide more transparency in votes received, we are moving to Ranked Choice Voting for the 2023 election cycle.


Sponsor the NANOG 89 Hackathon!
Unlock Innovation at the Nexus of Networking

Join us in catalyzing innovation, forging connections, and propelling the networking industry into uncharted territories. Partner with NANOG Hackathon and be a catalyst for change.

Contact Business Development Specialist, Shawn Winstead today at swinstead@nanog.org to explore sponsorship opportunities.

Video of the Week
Peering API Automation w/ Jenny Ramseyer (Meta), Matt Griswold (FullCtl) and Erica Salvaneschi (Cloudflare)

The API allows machine-to-machine network peering configuration, entirely automated without human interaction.

The team presents the proposed solution and will demo the system with a proof-of-concept exchange of peering configuration messages. Next, they will cover future work and the forthcoming RFC.