A spoof film about networking

Apologies for the off-topic post, but I thought some of you might get
enjoyment out of this...

After four and a half years and around 5,000 man hours we finally
finished our feature film comedy about networking. If nothing else I
think this must be the only film in existence that has eight CCIEs in
the cast!

I'll keep this brief. There's a two minute trailer here:

And the full film (one hour long) is here:

We now return to your regular scheduled programming...


I watched the whole thing and regret nothing.

Be the packet.

Good Monday material.

"I don't like BGP, because I'm not an ISP, and I don't work externally, so
all I need is EIGRP." ha.

I cringed so hard at the EIGRP song, in fact, just thinking about it makes me
hurt inside.

Aside from that, I was thoroughly amused, top work. I especially loved the
hilarious visuals of packets "flowing" into a bucket for the face-off challenge.


They posted it here:


If you didn't watch it, at least listen to the song. You will either cringe or laugh. It's something nice to unwind after a long friday week. Plus it will play for 2 minutes while you do something else and you can enjoy.

- Jared