A request for your support of:hutzler-spamops-05.txt



Carl Hutzler, Pete Resnick, Robert Sanders, Eric Allman and I pulled together a
BCP (Best Current Practices) draft document as a result of a number of
discussions between some ASRG members and the old ASTA (antispam technical
alliance) group. The latest version of the document is published on the MIP
Association site and has been submitted to the IETF. We have gone through 5 drafts now with reasonable review during each stage.

Document locations:


If you are not familiar with the document, the main ideas expressed are how:

1) To improve lines of *accountability* for controlling abusive uses of the
Internet mail service. (when abuse happens, which party is responsible)

2) To provide recommendations for *constructive operational policies* between
independent operators of email transmission services including the submission
(or posting) of email into the transmission network (certainly very relevant to
the deployment of DKIM and other email authentication type technologies)

We are at a stage in the life cycle of this document where it would be helpful
to see a renewed support from the technical community.

* So how can you help? Simple!

Just reply back to me or any of the authors (email addresses available in the
document itself) with a couple of words of support:

- how this document might help you justify doing the right thing (maybe to your

- how this document helps establish inter-isp best practices and breakdown of
responsibilities for abuse situations

- how this document helps establish important operational practices in the area
of Email Authentication deployment

- other?

We will pull together the words of support and provide them to Bert Wijnen as a
way to show the level of interest in getting this thing through. (FYI, Bert
Wijnen is the Operations and Management Area Director we have been working with
on this final stage.)

Thank you in advance,
Dave (on behalf of all of the authors)