A Real Technical Question (RAdB)


Can I add routes to this single location and
have all (ANS, CW, et al) pick them up and add
them to their configs, etc.

Just add them to one is the short answer.

The long answer is that in this case you are a CW/MCI
customer it would appear, so you can just put them in that
registry using CW's normal procedure. The RA
database mirrors this, RIPE, ANS, CA*NET, APNIC
and probably some others.

For instance:

diamond[amb].106$ host www.ihighway.net
www.ihighway.net has address
diamond[amb].107$ whois -h whois.ra.net
descr: iHighway-ABQ-01
origin: AS7850
remark: None
notify: routing@ihighway.net
mnt-by: MAINT-AS7850
changed: jmbrown@ihighway.net 981116
source: RADB

descr: IHWY-RT01-OBJ
origin: AS7850
changed: jmbrown@ihighway.net 971222
source: CW

You will note you have the same route object registered
twice, once through CW (see source: line) and once through
RADB. RADB has mirrored the CW entry.

The RA consider this unnecessary, though it is sometimes
useful as the RADB mirroring of other databases used
not to be instantaneous - i.e. took a day or so (may
have been fixed). In rare circumstances (from memory
where route object, AS object and AS macro had components
from different databases) it used to be necessary.

I should add that I also route via AS2548, AS 5673.
AS2902 and AS701 will be added shortly.

We are trying to have multiple exits via our Calif
and New Mexico operations. At least improve them.