A perl script to find IP and network addresses in a text file (config, ACL, etc) and annotate them with various bits of information

(This is me scratching an itch of my own and hoping that it might be useful to others on this list. Apologies if it isn't)

    I was working my way through a very long ACL, trying to clean out old cruft, and I found myself thinking that surely I could make this somewhat easier.

So, I wrote a small script that will go through a text file(or files), find anything that looks like a host IP or subnet (with subnet mask, wildcard mask, or mask length), dig up information about them (DNS name, ping responsiveness, host count etc) and then spit out an HTML version of the input file with color coded info.

General info is blue
Hosts that are reachable and networks that have a specific route are GREEN (see networks note below)
Hosts that are non-responsive and networks that use default route are RED

Individual script is: https://github.com/jlmcgraw/networkUtilities/blob/master/annotate_hosts_and_networks_in_file.pl
Repository is: https://github.com/jlmcgraw/networkUtilities

To get the whole repository:

     git clone https://github.com/jlmcgraw/networkUtilities.git

This repository includes the necessary modules for this script and some other small utilities that network folks might be interested in

(If for some reason included modules don't work for you see setup.sh for easy ways to install them under Debian-derived Linux. I've tested the script under Linux and Windows, but not OS X)

Please let me know if you use this utility and encounter anything that doesn't work right. I'm also interested in incorporating any changes/improvements so feel free to send a pull request!


     If you've got a BGP speaking router that you can query via SNMP, you should be able to use bgp_asn_path_via_snmp.pl <https://github.com/jlmcgraw/networkUtilities/blob/master/bgp_asn_path_via_snmp.pl> to create a table of known routes to use along with this utility

Sweet! Ill try this out this week for a similar router migration project I have.