A Nap is a Nap is a Nap

Since I have seen a couple NAP annoucements lately, I figured I'd at least
tell people about this one.

It is called the NY-IIX, or the New York Internation Internet Exchange. It
is located in neutral space, not operated or owned by and ISP or any
Internet related company. It is operated by a co-lcoation known as
Telehouse (http://www.telehouse.com).

The switch itself is a Catalyst 5000, with switched 10 or switched 100
ethernet, or switched 100 FDDI.

It has some peers in it already, and has the potential for being a very
good XP; in the telehouse space alone are decent sized ISPs; us (nac.net),
lightning.net, KDD Japan, Internet Initiative Japan, Mindspring, ANS,
wisper, etc. (I am not saying they are all in the NAP, but they are in the
co-lo, and have the potential to connect to the NAP).

If you are interested, try Rick Mataka at 718.355.2500.