A modest proposal

Tracking down hacked machines would be quicker. Sometimes you might
be able to track back to the source where you could pull the ANI
or callerid information out of the radius accounting logs and have
someone knocking on their door. You only have to do this for 1 in 10
attacks before rumors spread around the hacker community and it stops.

I hate to tell you, but ANI and caller-id can be spoofed too.

However, I agree that encouraging as much source filtering as possible
would be "a good thing." Just as long as people don't get the idea
that source filtering would make authentication by source IP address
any more secure than authentication by caller-id.

Now, if we could just get the phone company to not charge 1,000% markup
on caller-id, we'd have it on all our modem lines now.

*AND* phone calls can be hijacked midstream which has been used to take
over dialin terminal connections *AFTER* the password has been given. Not
that different in effect from hijacking a TCP/IP session that uses
one-time passwords.

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